All the details about Tarisland CBT

In a few days the second CBT of the MMORPG Tarisland will start. In this new article we will tell you all the details about this new Tarisland test: how long it will last, who will be able to participate, what...

Tarisland CBT starts on November 15

New Tarisland closed beta will start on November 15th. The team has shared a new development video with a behind-the-scenes interview that provides insight into the inspirations behind the game, memorable experiences, and love for the MMORPG genre. Tarisland CBT Registration: Tarisland beta will...

Tarisland: Crafting system rework

Tarisland development continues. The team is working on updates and reworking various game systems in preparation for the release. One of the mechanics currently under review is the crafting system. “Crafting is a crucial component of Tarisland, designed to enrich the gameplay and foster...

Say no to Pay To Win!

Here in Tarisland, you Will not find character upgrades in the game store.
rience a classic fair MMORPG. It takes optimised character builds,
strategies, and reliable allies, and lots of practice to get the best experience
in the game.

PVE: Multi-Layered Raids And Intricate Dungeons

Various levels of difficulty exist for the raids in Tarisland, along with random
modifiers that Will greatly affect your experience as you attempt the creative
challenges in the dungeons.
Players may challenge themselves at any time, leaming how each dungeon
works, searching for the best tactics for each dungeon, as well as
coordinating with teammates to achieve the best possible results.

A Massive World And a Grand Narrative

In Tarisland, there is no auto-pathing. Players Will have to traverse the land by
themselves, as they encounter diferent events and discover hidden secrets.
Players’ behaviour, climate change, and specific hidden easter eggs may all
lead to anges in the overarching narrative, potentially changing the fate of
everyone on the server.

Seasons: A New Journey Ever

The power level gap should never be too widespread among players.
Therefore, each season is a new experience in Tarisland, allowing all players
to start at the same page and enjoy the same content.

Cross Server & Platform

The game can be played on both PC and mobile devices.
Game progress Will be synced across the platforms, and players Will have access to all gameplay features no matter where they are.


Ashes turned the stars and clouds, to find early wisdom in bud. Moira, Leith, and Acheron are the primeval gods for destiny, oblivion, and omen respectively. They bear witness to the history of countless intelligent planets. Tarisland is One of them, a particle of dust so perceived, until a special being awakes from that deep slumber. .. Moira leaves the guidance in the Inscription Stone for warriors to defeat Acheron who hid the Will of Leith... The gods never made peace among themselves, and tide after tide the warriors -se die, or end up forlorn.


The black tower looms over the once peaceful Ancash Plateau. Invasions by Centaurs and Gnolls grow more frequent and intense. The chieftain leads his people to dispel the sprawling eminence at all costs. With the rituals of full moon sacrifice, Will they form greater resistance against the disaster, or dip in hope and urage?


Darkness has surrounded the glorious SilverLit... The renowned magic academy was engulfed in flames, and Fabre, the legendary blacksmith, had vanished without a trace, leaving behind the unfinished Nidhogg, the weapon supposedly capable of resisting the fall. Where Will the darkness seep now? Does the Cattelan family Still possess the pride of the Eagle? n the centre of the SilverLit stands the statue of the Queen of Etemal Slumber, e eyes seem to convey a sense of sorrow...


The God of Omen had déstroyed countless planets, and the home to high elves were no exception. But with Destiny's blessing, they were able to take refuge in the misty forest for generations, and the Archdruid, as a tradition, would receive the Will of God via the divine Tree of Luen. The Tree protected the planet under the Will of God, and the elves protected the Tree. That is, until a meteor landed among flames raining from the sky. From that ay onward, no divine had graced the place... as ifthe God of Destiny had aban oned his earliest disciples.


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